CocoPPa iOS Reports concerning the freezing problems



We have received statements from users of CocoPPa (iOS version) that "the screen goes white and freezes while using shortcut links generated by CocoPPa", "it loses power" and "(since the screen freezes,) CocoPPa may contain virus.".

We have thoroughly looked into this matter and have confirmed the problem (=iPhone freezes with a white screen showing) happening under a certain condition.

Conditions of this problem happening
iPhone4 + iOS 6
iPod touch 4G/5G + iOS 6
※ However, there is a possibility that it may also occur in other environments.


Please press the home button and go back to home screen when this white screen appears and freezes. If you cannot go back to home screen, please press the home button and sleep button at once for 20 seconds and restart iOS.

About the problem

This rarely happens when an app is activated from a shortcut icon under certain condition. It rarely freezes if you press home button when a white screen is showing.

Cause of the problem

Regardless of using / not using CocoPPa, if Safari is configured to full-screen, then it will occasionally freeze.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please have fun with CocoPPa!